Tim: drums; bass; trumpet
Andy: rhythm guitar; rhythm guitar; lead guitar

-Transferred by taking the speaker out of a receiver that was playing the old tracks and running that line into our amps. Get it? On site in amp in front of the mike mixing. A cool tune that really gets going! A little noisy though because of the line imbalance between speaker output and amp input. Yet, the noise isn't really noise, it's atmosphere... rain. Sure.

Recorded 10-11 July 1984 with two mics into a cassette deck. Deck-to-deck overdubs.

©1984 The Tim & Andy Band

Recorded in July 1984 with two stereo cassette decks.
Album recording info:
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two dudes
Tim Odell - bass, drums, guitars, keyboards, vocals.
Andy Wyatt - guitars, keyboards, bass, drums, vocals.

Years of Activity:

These are recordings by Tim and Andy. It includes improvisation, jamming, and some crafted songs with studio multi-tracking. There are a few sessions with additional players such as Ayman Mobarak and Paul Tuckey.