Tim: drums; lead vocals
Andy: distorted guitar; 12-string and b-vox
Geoff: bass; b-vox

-Scraps of the first two takes. The third was great, but we'd forgotten to take off the pause. Geez. No time to do it again. Geez.

Recorded 10 July 1984 with two mics into a cassette deck. Deck-to-deck overdubs.

©1984 The Tim & Andy Band

Recorded in July 1984 with two stereo cassette decks.
Album recording info:
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two dudes
Tim Odell - bass, drums, guitars, keyboards, vocals.
Andy Wyatt - guitars, keyboards, bass, drums, vocals.

Years of Activity:

These are recordings by Tim and Andy. It includes improvisation, jamming, and some crafted songs with studio multi-tracking. There are a few sessions with additional players such as Ayman Mobarak and Paul Tuckey.