Andy: electric guitar (1976 Les Paul Deluxe maple-top direct input plus microphones) and vocals

Recorded on 20 December 2007 in the BGH in Brownsville, VT with the mobile mangobananas recording rig.

In December 2007, Andy was house-sitting and pet-sitting in Vermont and spent time alone in the studio every night for two weeks. Most nights started with one burst of total improv, then work on a totally new structured song that often sprung out of the improv.

These are the improv recordings, usually done by hitting record then picking up a guitar for the first time all day after a long day at work. Any lyrics on these songs were improvised and sung on the spot.

Andy plays all instruments and sings. Recorded and produced by Andy with Logic Pro 7 on an Apple PowerBook G4.

The album snowcats and sundogs contains all the structured songs from this session. The playlist Vermont BGH Session lists all the songs from both albums chronologically.
Album recording info:
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eclectic acoustics
Andy Wyatt - vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards, drums, mandolin, ukulele, studio.
Guest musicians have included co-conspirators from other projects/bands including: Jon Morse, Tim Odell, Pete Downes, Ayman Mobarak, Paul Tuckey, Tommy Whittle, Pete Bosanko, and Eric Krivitzky

Years of Activity:

There are cassette tapes by "The Andy Band" dating back to 1979, when Andy was 14 years old, and he is still an avid recording musician. Sometimes The Andy Band is all about "hit record and go" improvisation, other times it's all about one-man-band multi-tracking in the studio. Since 2010, Andy has been playing some of these songs live near his new home in Vermont at open mics. He relishes the thrill of improvising with an audience, as well as singing three-part harmonies and playing bass with players there. But he also loves building up a song with layers and layers of Andys, singing and playing everything.

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