Tim - drum programming, bass
Andy - drum programming, guitars 

Tim visiting from the UK, an afternoon of fun in the studio....Nov 20, 2007. The awesome rhythm comes from the trains in England via Tim, the great syncopation and melding of the two parts was awesome. I played my Strat, Tim played Eric's bass. We both went DI thru the Firepod, jamming together to find the riffs while monitoring thru the studio monitors. We recorded bits for different loops separately. The guitar doing the rhythm crunch is tuned CADGBE (E dropped down to a C). Logic's bass amp and guitar amp plugins were used on all gits. 

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This is an album of some studio collaborations with Tim in Andy's studio from 2006-2009. Tim and Andy have been recording stuff since 1979.

The first three are from two sessions in 2006, and the fourth from Nov 2007, when Tim was visiting from England. Andy did some further work on "cuban sandwich in early 2007, with more arrangement and instrumentation, and Jon replaced the computer drums with an overdub. Then came another two awesome impovisations with Andy on keys, Tim on fretless acoustic bass on another visit in June 2009. All recorded in mangobananas studios, Ithaca, NY, with Logic playing drums, Tim playing basses, Andy playing guitars and keys.

Album recording info:
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two dudes
Tim Odell - bass, drums, guitars, keyboards, vocals.
Andy Wyatt - guitars, keyboards, bass, drums, vocals.

Years of Activity:

These are recordings by Tim and Andy. It includes improvisation, jamming, and some crafted songs with studio multi-tracking. There are a few sessions with additional players such as Ayman Mobarak and Paul Tuckey.