Pete: vocals, guitar
Andy: Parker guitar
Tim: drums
Tom: harp
PeBo: bass

This Killer Voyage session in Sept 2003 came just before Jon & Liz's twin daughters were born, causing Jon to have to miss some of the recording nights. The band compensated with a variety of configurations, including the insane "pretzel piss" with Andy playing drums and guitar simultaneously.

Recorded by Freebus on the mobile Bigger Than Huge Studios rig. "We Know" - "Skinny Salamanders" was Saturday 6 September. "Way Up High" - "Clandestine Little Monsters" was Monday 8 September. "Slow But Sure" - "The Canadians" was Wednesday 9 September 2003.
Album recording info:
( show )
no one gets out alive
Pete Bosanko - congas, guitars, vocals
Pete Downes - vocals, guitars
Jon Morse - drums
Tim Odell - bass, vocals
Tommy Whittle - harp, guitar, bugle, vocals
Andy Wyatt - guitars, vocals

Years of Activity:

The mid-'90s Voyager reunion improv sessions inspired EBA to do the same and add members to become Killer Whirlpool. So, naturally, when Pete D came back, Killer Whirlpool + Voyager = Killer Voyage. This is a super collaboration of dudes dedicated to the magic of improvised music. The Voyager core has played together for more than 30 years. It gets telepathic. It gets pathetic. It gets wild. It gets inspired. 

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