Jon Morse - drums sampled from "Live It Up" on the cassette Voyager, March 1980.
Andy - sample of singing to my voice mail from my cell phone, sampled three times and layered and panned; two acoustic guitars [DADGBE] (all recorded with PlainTalk mic); acoustic guitar strumming [DADGBE], bass [DADG], piano [stereo], electric guitar through Twin Reverb amp [stereo], and vocals [with doubled delay track].

Pretty far out. Could stay as is, could get more stuff, or be an intro to a bigger better song. (1/11/96). Became a better song by making the cell phone & acoustic guitar part an intro to the rockin drum, piano, guitar thing that developed with a similar melody in my head. Yes! Fabulous mix! Piano is powerful! (1/22/96). The ending is particularly beautiful, with the electric guitar and piano. I remember that I couldn't hear the piano when I was playing the guitar at the end, beacuse I hadn't decided it was part of the song yet, it was "outside the loop". But I played that bit of guitar sort of remembering what I'd done on the piano, and it melded beautifully for the first part of the piano but wasn't long enough. So in a haphazard fashion, I selected a swatch of guitar audio at the end, option-cmd-dragged it so it jumped onto the end, did the same again, and then chose the reverse command for the middle section. The way that stuff ended up lining up with the piano, the awesome coincidence of timing there, still amazes me.

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Andy recorded this album in 1995 and 1996. All instruments and vocals by Andy with grooves from Eric on "sycamore river rush", from Ayman on "melon", from Ayman and PeBo on "diet cokes split into hairs" and "in the factory / on vacation", and from Jon on "new office", "your skin", "really?", and "leave a trace".

Recorded and produced by Andy with Macromedia Deck II on an Apple Macintosh Centris 660AV.
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eclectic acoustics
Andy Wyatt - vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards, drums, mandolin, ukulele, studio.
Guest musicians have included co-conspirators from other projects/bands including: Jon Morse, Tim Odell, Pete Downes, Ayman Mobarak, Paul Tuckey, Tommy Whittle, Pete Bosanko, and Eric Krivitzky

Years of Activity:

There are cassette tapes by "The Andy Band" dating back to 1979, when Andy was 14 years old, and he is still an avid recording musician. Sometimes The Andy Band is all about "hit record and go" improvisation, other times it's all about one-man-band multi-tracking in the studio. Since 2010, Andy has been playing some of these songs live near his new home in Vermont at open mics. He relishes the thrill of improvising with an audience, as well as singing three-part harmonies and playing bass with players there. But he also loves building up a song with layers and layers of Andys, singing and playing everything.