Randy Huiskens: almost frantic drums sampled from the very end of Voyager 94, June 1994 when he played Food Chain's "Who's Deli" drum part - 3 second loops, manipulated.
Pete Downes: guitar vibration at beginning and ringing through the tune.
Andy: tongue clicking and cheek popping, frisbee bass drum, slap bass, acoustic guitar with a 1.5 note echo, more slap bass, electric guitar stums & electric guitar noodles both with slight MXR Distortion+, three vocals.

Recorded in 1995 in mangobananas studios, Ithaca, NY.

An alternate version of this song was the Pick of the Week on 2015.01.25. Here's the story:
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Andy recorded this album in 1995 after getting OSC's Deck II and a Mac Centris 660AV.
Ayman - samples of ripping paper and SF street noises on "jump up from your desk", bass on "gus", samples of Berry Creek on "crazy creek"
Eric - vocals, bass, and knee slapping on "clea"
Freebus - vocals and bass on "the eleven eleven hour"; hi-hat, electric guitars and shouting on "crazy creek"; and hi-hat, acoustic guitar, and vocals on "fun work".
Jon - drum loops on "go far", "the only things alive", "spider", and "pen digital disc".
Tim - second drum kit loop on "the only things alive".
Jorge - conga loop on "spider".
Coral Reefers - drum loop on "farms & gears".
Randy - drum loop on "hold the moment".
Andy - everything else.
Album recording info:
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eclectic acoustics
Andy Wyatt - vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards, drums, mandolin, ukulele, studio.
Guest musicians have included co-conspirators from other projects/bands including: Jon Morse, Tim Odell, Pete Downes, Ayman Mobarak, Paul Tuckey, Tommy Whittle, Pete Bosanko, and Eric Krivitzky

Years of Activity:

There are cassette tapes by "The Andy Band" dating back to 1979, when Andy was 14 years old, and he is still an avid recording musician. Sometimes The Andy Band is all about "hit record and go" improvisation, other times it's all about one-man-band multi-tracking in the studio. Since 2010, Andy has been playing some of these songs live near his new home in Vermont at open mics. He relishes the thrill of improvising with an audience, as well as singing three-part harmonies and playing bass with players there. But he also loves building up a song with layers and layers of Andys, singing and playing everything.