Tim - lead vocal, bass
Andy - guitar (L)
Pete - guitar (R)
Tommy - bugle
Jon - drums

improvised and recorded live 29 Dec 2016
©2016 Killer Whirlpool

This session was a one-night reunion jam at Jon's house up in the loft on 29 December 2016. Recorded live with the mobile mangobananas studio rig: a MacBook Pro (17-inch, early 2009) running Logic Pro 9, MOTU 828mk3 audio interface, ART TubeOpto 8 preamps, Presonus DigiMax LT preamps. Used 14 inputs (4 vocals, 4 drum kit, 2 congas, 2 guitar amps, 1 harp amp, 1 bass direct). No overdubs. Jolly spirits prevailed, and some great improvisations erupted.
Album recording info:
( show )
no set lists; no repeats
Pete Bosanko - congas, guitars, vocals
Jon Morse - drum kit
Tim Odell - bass, guitars, vocals
Tommy Whittle - blues harp, slide guitar, bugle, trombone, saxaphone, congas, vocals
Andy Wyatt - vocals, guitars, bass

Years of Activity:

Evolved from EBA, perhaps as a reaction to the rehearsed routines of EBA and The Naked Blues. Started as "No Repeat Tuesdays" at Jon's house with EBA plus Tom from the Naked Blues and PeBo, who Andy knew from his day job. Also inspired by the Voyager reunions of 1993, 1994, 1995, and 1996 where Pete D. demonstrated his improvisation attitude.