This little two-chord improvisation was recorded on November 27, 2007, a year before the US presidential election. Tim had moved to England in 2005, and was back for his first vacation back home. Hence the Killer Whirlpool reunion. The presidential primaries were in full swing, and there were quite a few candidates on both sides. I'd almost forgotten about some of these characters.

It sounds like PeBo is lost in a conga groove from start to finish, Tim's going off on PeBo's timbales, and Tommy's wailing on some electric slide guitar. Meanwhile, Jon and I try to hammer out a simple song with some steady drums and electric guitar and vocals. We all listened enough to generate some nice dynamics, and we kept it short. I don't editorialize about the candidates, I just ask them and every one of us a question that seems appropriate today.

Recorded live with 10 mics through my Presonus Firepod and M-Audio Duo (via S/PDIF into the Firepod) into my PowerBook G4 (15-inch) running Logic Pro. Recorded in our familiar jamming space below Tommy's parents' antique store in Trumansburg, NY. Released on the Killer Whirlpool EP 2007.

Thanks for listening!