If you're in a rut, fingers going to the same chords and licks they've been going to for decades, there's nothing like changing the tuning of your axe. Here are some alternate guitar tunings to try, as well as some Andy Band examples (many are bare improv tunes). Notation is low string to high string, ABCDEFG and 'b' and '#", e.g. Bb is "bee flat":

tuning examples from The Andy Band
DADGAC talking to cacti (2007), talking to cacti (1990), will be (capo 2), Catch (capo 4)
DADGAD hot pursuit
DADFAD wanda, Zoe said to Wanda (1995), Zoe said to Wanda (1992), we feel the beat (improv)
CGCGBbD the big dream (2008), the big dream (1996), spider, deep root vibration (1995), deep root vibration (1992), cars, moon knight, woods / junior (improv), saturday morning (improv)
CGCGBbEb pen digital disc, earth (improv)
CGCGBbE turkey sandwich (improv)
CGCGCEb originality (improv)
DGDGBbD electric city, bramble (improv), lovin' life (improv)
FGDGBbD dumb & numb (capo 4, improv)
DADF#AD country rain
FADGAC ninenteenninetyfive
EADGBbD meaningless
DADGBE drop-D --too many to list?
CGCFAD wonderful