Skunk Hollow Tavern - weather permitting - 12 Brownsville Hartland Rd, Hartland, VT, USA
performance will include the entire new album with a horn section and all-original, uplifting music
with a warm-up set (with no horns) playing older Andy songs you've heard before like "Caico", "what's that mountain doing?", "catch" (the fishing song), "many planets around the sun" (the solar system song), "everything" (the hot tub song), and "the right tool"
and, half the album you've heard before only now it has an awesome horn section comprising your kids' music teachers! (probably)
(coming 28 June)
here today
only one world to share
why wouldn't we take that ride?
comes to mind
let's hear it for your skin
truth be told
back in the garden again
leave a trace
with the windows down
one big love
opened up
your phone
29 Jan 2024 bvox session: me, Woody, John, Jim, Pete (L-R):
11 Sep 2023 horn section session: Ian, Barb, Dani, Mike (L-R):
20 Jul 2022 Skunk Garden: Jeff, John, Woody, Jim, Pete (L-R):
31 May 2023 Skunk Garden:
23 Jun 2021: Andy Skunk lawn: