Andy was inspired at an early age by Todd Rundgren and other studio wizards who could multi-track and play multiple instruments to create a one-man band --hence the name The Andy Band. Wherever he set up whatever modest recording equipment he had at the time, that place was a "studio". So just about every apartment or house of Andy's or his friends is a studio. This ephemeral studio became even more mobile in 2009 when Andy got a powerful laptop computer. The recording capabilities of an iPhone or iPad would be absolutely mind-boggling to the 14-year-old Andy of 1979. Here's a history of the progression of equipment and locations over the last nearly 40 years.

Years Gear Location / Description Albums
1979 mono cassette recorder Warren Road Studios Voyager Fuzz and Cardboard
1980 Aram's stereo cassette deck and two 4-channel Radio Shack mixers and 8 crummy microphones Blackstone Studio Voyager Voyager
1980-1995 Sharp cassette deck, 2 mics Warren Road Studios, Williams Street Studio, Brown Carpet Studio, Stewart Ave Studio, Cayuga Cascadilla Studio, Penny Lane Studio, Blackstone Studio, Albrectsen Studios, mangobananas studios, plus dozens of venues for live band recordings. The Andy Band Improv Volumes 1-XXVII and Umbrellas;The Raid Live 1981-1983; EBA Live 1984-1989, Spreading More Jam, Spontaneous Combustion; and early Killer Whirlpool sessions
1981-1985 bouncing with a Sharp cassette deck and a Realistic cassette deck and mixing with Y-cords, 2 mics Warren Road Studios The Andy Band Improv tapes and Umbrellas; The Tim and Andy Band Improv tapes
1986 Paul's Yamaha MT-44 4-track cassette deck, 1 mic Cranbury Road Studios The Andy Band the pops, noodle stranger, psychedelic freakbox, and naive visions.
1986-1988 Teac 4-track reel-to-reel, rented mixer, 4 mics Brown Carpet Studios, Full Moon Studios EBA Brown Carpet and Full Moon
1987-1988 bouncing with Paul's Yamaha MT-44 4-track cassette deck and a Realistic casssette deck, 4 mics Warren Road Studios Warren Road Studios recordings from The Paul Explosion, The Andy Band, and EBA
1989-1991 Teac 4-track reel-to-reel, 2 mics Penny Lane Studio, Oxley Polo Barn, Ringwood House of Blues The Andy Band navigating
1995-2001 Teac stereo cassette deck, 2 mics mangobananas studios, Albrectsen Road Studios, and The T-Burg Jammin' Space Voyager Near Beer and Ride; The Andy Band Improv, navigating, the right tool, liquid planet, and portions of leave a trace; Killer Whirlpool improv including sampler 1996-1997.
1995-2005 Bias Deck II on a Macintosh Centris 660AV, then a Bondi iMac G3, then B&W PowerMac G3. Built-in audio then M-Audio Duo USB interface. 2 mics. mangobananas studios The Andy Band flipping bits, leave a trace, solar, and babble on
2005-2009 Logic Pro 7 and 8 on a Mac PowerBook G4. PreSonus Firepod interface and Symetrix 628 channel strip. 8 mics. M-Audio BX8a monitors. mangobananas studios, Ithaca, NY, plus location recordings at The Nines, Albrectsen Road Studios, and BGH Studio Vermont. The Andy Band bullfrog paradise, uncoil, snowcats and sundogs, refresher, lefty loosey, and 2W; Killer Whirlpool's 2007.

Logic Pro 9 on a MacBook Pro (17-inch, Early 2009), PreSonus FireStudio interface and ART TubeOpto8, 14 mics. mangobananas studios, now located near Brownsville, VT, with multiple studio spaces, plus location recordings at Albrectsen Road Studio, Ithaca. The Andy Band cymbal monkeys and all over the map; Killer Voyage's The Johnson Array, Magma Complaint Department, and Amphibious Dude Palace; Killer Whirlpool's Morderstrudel and Winter Whirlpool Advisory.

Logic Pro X on a MacBook Pro (15-inch, Late 2016), MOTU 828 mk3 Hybrid interface plus ART TubeOpto8 and Presonus Digimax LT, 14 mics. mangobananas studios, Brownsville, VT, with multiple studio spaces. Everything since January 2017...