HTML5 audio: This site uses the HTML5 <audio> tag, and the audio files are MP3 format. Some older browsers might still work with the site, but a link to the MP3 file is displayed instead of the HTML5 audio player. From this link, a user of an older browser can still download and play the MP3 file. For the optimum experience, update to an HTML 5 web browser. This HTML5 testing site is a good place to compare your options.

FireFox MP3 support: Some older versions of FireFox support the HTML5 <audio> tag, but don't support the MP3 audio file format. In this case the media player is loaded but doesn't load the MP3 file, and the fallback link isn't displayed. If you think this is happening to you, update your FireFox browser to the latest version.

MP3 download option: If for some reason you still have trouble playing audio, there is almost always an option to directly download the MP3 file. From the home page and the "past picks" pages look for the "download: xxx.mp3" link at the end of every story. You can click or right-click this to get an option to download the MP3 file. From an album or playlist, you can right-click on the song title in the playlist area to download/save the MP3 file.

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