This is an insidious and infectious little instrumental piece, all done with in my Mac in Logic with virtual instruments: drums, marimbas, pianos, sitars, and cellos. For a lot of the instruments, I literally copied a MIDI region from one instrument to another, then I automated some gorgeous cross-fades between the different instruments, and added layers. Here are a few notes from my studio log:

This started the afternoon of Friday 7 August 2009, just back from Detroit visiting OnStar. Mix 1 had mix and match blocks of the same part. Monday 10 August I worked out a different progression and made a bunch of automation to fade between different parts. This is a trip in 7/4. Mix 2 Monday afternoon. Where is this going?

Here's a view of all the instruments and automation:

(click/tap to embiggen)

This was released on my instrumental album from 2010, called cymbal monkeys.

Thanks for listening!


download: Friday.mp3