We're coming up on the anniversary of last summer's amazingly fun and productive Killer Voyage session back in Ithaca, which produced 28 songs on the album Amphibious Dude Palace, plus another 20 on the album Magma Complaint Department, recorded around the backyard bonfire. This one was recorded on the first night, August 13th, in Jon's loft. It started with Tommy blowing his harmonica with a funky riff, which then inspired a bass riff from Tim. Eventually, Jon comes in on the drums, I play some guitar, PeBo plays congas, and Pete sings about moving air --and Jon's hair. It's 4 minutes of rockin' fun.

Two little surprises I hadn't noticed before: Tim sings the first few lines of the Doobie Brothers' "Listen to the Music" near the beginning, and someone else is occasionally playing harmonica off mic --by elimination it must be PeBo?

Thanks for listening!