We're getting a nice dump of snow this morning here in Vermont, and as I sat by the fire watching it fall I remembered this song from just over 22 years ago. I did quite a few recordings in my little downstairs bathroom back in Ithaca, because I liked the sound in there. This was an improvisation done while the first snow of the 1994-1995 winter was coming down, the usual two microphones right into my cassette deck. The guitar part is kinda chunky and cool, with an almost-standard tuning of EGDGBE (just the A string dropped to G). This ended up on my 1994 album the right tool, which is an album made from the best of The Andy Band Improv Tapes Volumes 24 & 25.

Pictures of my dogs Zoe & Wanda and our Ithaca back yard taken the day after this recording with the Apple QuickTake 100 digital camera, borrowed from work (at 320x240 pixel resolution).

Thanks for listening!


morning snow

snow has come
at last
the cold wet rain
I thought it would never go away 
snow is beautiful
snow is beautiful
it's falling outside
out the bathroom window 
it's falling down
out the bathroom window

I was in the shower 
thinking about you 
I was in the shower 
hot steam
but the shower water dripping down the window 
has got me laughing in the snow

whadja think
whadja think about it 
whadja think
whadja think about the way 
the cat killed the rat

thrashing around
in the morning snow
glad I mowed the lawn before I saw the snow

love the snow
love the snow
I strap a board on my feet
and slide down mountains on snow 
or little skinny stick boards
get me walking cross the snow 
          under the moonlight
in the field with my dogs 
happy birthday Pete

23 November 1994 (improvised as the tape rolled) 
guitar tuned EGDGBD
©1994 The Andy Band