When I was in high school, my band was called The Raid. We played this song, "Crazy Baby", at the 1983 Ithaca High School Talent Show. The music is heavily influenced by two bands I listened to a lot that year: The Police and The Who. I'd been grooving on The Who's song "Eminence Front" a lot, and this has some similarities. At least that's what I remember about my contribution to the song writing, which was usually done during rehearsals by all three of us honing parts together. Tim wrote the lyrics in the wake of Mark David Chapman's insanity plea in the trial for murdering John Lennon.

This was recorded in Moonfish Studios in Ithaca, NY, in the summer of 1983. The band was about to go on a hiatus as Andy and Tim started college, and we wanted to get a recording of the band at it's most-rehearsed peak before an uncertain future. We recorded the guitar, bass, and drums live then overdubbed the vocals. This Moonfish tape of five songs ended up on the album The Raid.

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Crazy Baby

You come mostly at night when the world's asleep
Your master orders you or a spectre speaks
Keep your promise any way that you can
But if they catch you -never again
   You've broken all the bars on your old playpen
   You've wandered off to play with your toys again
Your complex mind leaves a shadow of doubt
As to just what this world's about

	And they call you crazy baby 
	You seem so sane
	They'd never think that you were at it again
	They'll never catch you crazy baby

We hear cries in the night but it's not you
Some innocent victim, but somehow we knew
You wouldn't be like the other boys
You wouldn't want to play with normal toys
   And it could be anyone that you seek
   With five fatal shots you made round glasses break  
Men of all parties have been gunned down
Kings have been thrown from under their crown

Tim Odell --- 3&27 December 1981

download: crazy baby.mp3