Here are the studio log notes for this song: "Started this one with a guitar riff in mind on the acoustic, up late the night before a flight to Lexington, Kentucky, 11/28/1998. I did a click track by clicking two drumsticks together, and then got carried away adding more rhythm played on my cheeks. Then I could do the two rhythm acoustic guitar tracks, and by 3:30 in the morning had an awesome, perfect bass track down. Then it sat in a mix till Christmas Eve, when I wrote words, but didn't record them till 2/20/1999. I sang them first in a low register, then an octave higher, and mixed them with more higher octave plus multi-tap delay on the higher octave. Then I did two lead acoustic parts, doing harmonies and rolls, beautiful melodic finish that brought out those riffs I would sing along while listening to the early November mix. Yowza! I even did a funky new breakdown ending with some fancy copy and paste, and some reversed bits. Very nice. I thought I was done, but on 2/24/1999, after a late hockey game, I did a harmony vocal, and panned the two main rhythm guitars all the way to the right and left. A mild improvement. Catchy tune, it stays with me all day. :-) "

Recorded in mangobananas studio, Ithaca, NY. All sounds by me. On the album solar from 1999.


in 1999

el nino and
now la nina
global warming
what can we do about it?
crazy weather
did we blow our
only chance together

	in 1999
	I don't want to be alone
	I just want to be at home
	alone with you and feeling fine

y2k bugs
power grid blackout
global banking
what can we do about it?
crazy markets
techno babble
dancing targets

December 24, 1998
©1999 by Andy Wyatt

download: in 1999.mp3