This recording is 35 years old today! It was another situation where Jon (the drummer in our band, called The Raid at the time) was on a family vacation, so Tim and I took Jon's drums out to Tim's house and had a "Tim & Andy Band" recording session. This is a jazzy piece Tim and I had been working on for a while. He and I had both auditioned for the Ithaca High School jazz band. He made it, but I lost a face-to-face shootout against Evan Conway --deservedly, I must say.

I'm not quite sure where the song title came from, but this was the second tune of the session. The first one is, of course, "Pre-Posterus", haha!

Recorded on February 18, 1983 with two mics and two cassette decks. First it was me on electric guitar and Tim on drum kit recording into one cassette deck. Then we bounced from that deck to another one while mixing in Tim playing bass and me playing 12-string acoustic guitar using RCA Y-cords. From our 1983 album Rubber Duck.

(Pic above from The Raid on the Ithaca Festival, Woolworth parking lot, June 1983.) Approximate chord chart below, from GuitarToolkit on my iPad. Speed differences between our two cassette decks caused the overall pitch to end up almost a half-step down from A=440 tuning.

Thanks for listening!


download: Posterus.mp3