This is one of a deluge of songs I wrote in Febraury 1986 when I first got my hands on a 4-track recording studio. I was living in London from January-June that year, and lucked into a flat where a flat-mate had a guitar and a 4-track cassette recording rig: the Yamaha MT-44.

Here are the studio notes:

On the 9th I recorded the basic arpeggio guitar, the one that's off towards the left with its echo full right. Then by bouncing the two harmony melody guitars, one on each side, one in each ear. On the 13th I finally finished the idea by adding the backwards overloaded guitar that ends up in the right ear. To cap it off I got silly and wrote a twisted but alright lyric that I sang with a can of beer in hand, panning the vocal from ear to ear in the beginning. After the first verse I decided to pick up the guitar and added that in the middle, though I tweaked the pan knob now and then. Loads of fun..."

Released on my 1986 album noodle stranger, part of the Cranbury Road Studios 4-disc set.

Thanks for listening!


Andy in 1986
From Ear To Ear

from ear to ear
I wonder if you can hear me
in here with thoughts so dear
I could scream or bring a tear

voices soft and voices strong
singing you a million songs
love and war, right and wrong
melodies can last so long

and I may be close or far away
but there is a harmony I can't play
on any instrument known today
because it's between you and me
and that's the end of the rhyming game
rules are made to break some say

from ear to ear
I'm with you now, you know
and I'll always be with you
when you put on the music
and you listen clear
from ear to ear

lyrics by Andy Wyatt on 13 Feb 1986
music by Andy Wyatt on 9 & 13 Feb 1986
©1986 by The Andy Band