This song was written 20 years ago, in early 1995, when it was becoming clear that the Internet was going to change the world. As usual, the music came long before the words did. Back in those days, one of my biggest recording challenges with The Andy Band was finding a drum beat to serve as the foundation for my one-man-band. Without an actual kit or the talent to really play it well, and before I had a software drum machine, I spent a while searching for portions of songs on CDs I owned, or bits from my improv band Killer Whirlpool with just a drum beat, and I'd loop these two- or four-bar beats. This mellow conga-based beat is from the intro to "Everybody's Got a Cousin in Miami" by Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefers. I then started playing guitar over the beat and found this music. I recorded three acoustic guitar tracks, one doing a really sweet solo. I played a Hohner Clavinet for the bass part. Once I sat down and came up with these lyrics, I recorded 3 vocal tracks. This ended up on the album flipping bits

Thanks for listening!


farms & gears

   rising moon, stop and stare
   been a long time since we walked there
   we all need new frontiers
   let's get past farms and gears
gears are turning
coal's still burning 
in the factories
of our industrialized earth
but there's so much more to come 
in the age of the electron

can you see it coming
we're building personal agents
web crawlers, gophers
cyborg butlers
Android Vesuvius
coming soon to a store near you

coming alive 
from silicon to phosphor
images of you 
laughing on my screen
we are all global villagers
groping in the dark grass roots

January 21 (chorus) 
& February 7 (verses) 1995
©1995 by Andy Wyatt