I've written about the leave of absence from Cornell that I took in the first half of 1986 to go live in London, where my girlfriend and I ended up in a flat with some cool people named Paul, Bridget, and Roy. Paul had a Yamaha MT44 4-track cassette studio, and I had a total blast learning how to bounce and mix in this humble little studio, producing 4 CDs worth of material: the pops, noodle stranger, psychedelic freak box, and naive visions. Well, in the second half of 1987, they came to live with me in Ithaca, NY, when I was living in my parents house on Warren Road while they were on a year-long sabbatical in Thailand. We made the family room into our jamming space, with Jon's drums and my folks' piano and pump organ and even some timpani. Paul brought his MT44A deck with him, and we had some great times in the studio, resulting in the album Warren Road Studios. This has one track from E.B.A., three from The Andy Band, and five from Paul Explosion and the Digitally Insane.

This was written by Paul, and started off with a totally different straight-ahead rock feel in its first version. Paul sings the lead vocal and plays electric guitars including the lead. Tim plays the drum kit. I play bass, electric guitar, piano, and sing some backing vocals. I engineered, mixed, and produced it, including a lot of really off the wall panning and playing with echo settings on my Roland Digital Delay. My band E.B.A. ended up playing this song quite a lot in 1987-1989, and it was a crowd favorite due to Paul's uplifting message.

Thanks for listening!



people's lives ruled by greed
clinging to the things that they do not need
it jails the mind in a cell called fear
all thoughts of freedom yeah disappear

    may the children of creation
    break the hold upon this nation
    to lighten up our day
    to lighten up our pretty day

the more you have the walls get higher
defend it is the main desire
but you can't see the world outside
you've forgotten the joy of being alive

        you draw your faith in the lord above
        but the judge you follow is devoid of love
        your savior bows his head in shame
        to see the things that you do in his name

the book of love, you rewrite
to cast yourself in a better light
to question is heresy you scream
and crush the child's innocent dream

now we recognize your kind
we're loosening the bonds that bind
your Jericho is falling down
to the higher vibration's healing sound
to the higher vibration's healing sound
to the higher vibration's healing sound

the healing has begun

lyrics by Paul Tuckey
music by Paul Tuckey and Andy Wyatt
©1987 by Paul Explosion