As I wrote a few weeks ago, my all-improv band Killer Voyage had a super session in June 2001 called the Fishless Kids Subcommittee. One of the things that made this 3-CD set special was that Pete's friend and collaborator Crazy Crazy Tim made the trip from Chicago to Ithaca with Pete, sometimes playing a second drum kit, sometimes playing sax. This is one of the songs where Tim's sax just took the song up another level.

Players: Jon plays drums, Tim plays bass, I play guitar, Tom plays harmonica, Crazy Crazy Tim plays saxophone, and Pete sings. (PeBo not available this day.) Recorded by Pete on a mobile version of his Bigger Than Huge studios, which involved two ADAT decks and a Mackie 1604 mixer. Mixed and produced by Pete back in Chicago.

There's a pretty good photo album from the session.

Thanks for listening!


Lost in the Woods

nobody knows why 
those kids got lost in the woods
no one's seen them for days
no one knows which direction they went

they've been searching for three weeks
they looked on the east and now to the west
they found some coals recently burned
but they couldn't find any sign of those kids

so the parents went to the cops
could you please find my three little sons
they searched around for about six weeks
but no one was home at dinner time

those three little boys went out in the woods
they thought they were walking the hood
people thought they were up to no good
but that just ain't the truth

they're coming home now!
they're coming home now!
they're coming home now!
they're coming home now!
they're coming home

lyrics improvised by Pete Downes
music improvised by Killer Voyage
©2001 by Killer Voyage