I'm going to highlight one more song this year from August's Amphibious Dude Palace session with my infrequent but incomparable all-improv band Killer Voyage. With Tim living in England, PeteD in Chicagoland, me in Vermont, and Jon, Tommy, and PeBo in Ithaca, we don't get together often. But when we do, there is a magic in the air born from our familiarity with each other that leads to seemingly telepathic improvisation.

All I really remember about this one is that the title was on our clipboard of song concepts, and that Tim once again came up with the coolest riff for us all to play on top of. And once again, we ended up in five-part harmonies that were a total surprise but very close to beautiful.

Pete's improvised lyrics are poignant, talking about knowing that when he hears this song ten years from now he'll remember all kinds of things about not just the recording session but the whole visit to Ithaca, swimming in Jon's pond several times a day and playing Oh Hell (the card game). What he says is so true for so many people: music frequently transports people to other times, usually when they first heard the song.

The music isn't a whole lot more than Tim's bass riff, but there are some really good dynamics and nuances and harmonizing, and just the coolest vibe that I hope is felt by someone outside of the six of us who were in Jon's loft back in August.

Thanks for listening.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!