The Voyager 96: Ride recording session took place just over 20 years ago, on February 9-11, 1996, in Ithaca, NY. We set up in Jon's living room, with the high ceiling. This was the fourth year in a row we'd gotten together for these all-improv reunion sessions, and it was epic, ending up with 60 songs. Unfortunately, we didn't have a PA on the first night, Friday the 9th, and we were recording with a simple setup of two microphones and a cassette deck. So for the first 23 songs we were just screaming in the room, or eating one of the recording mics because we'd left a stereo on from playing back some of the first tracks. But we had a PA (from the Naked Blues?) on Saturday and Sunday. We recorded 20 songs Saturday afternoon, 8 Saturday night, and 9 Sunday afternoon. There are definitely some deeper cuts I'll get to, but the title track, the fourth song from Saturday night, is short and to the point, not quite three minutes long. And it just ROCKS!

I love the breakdown where Pete goes "goodbye old Paint, I'm leaving Cheyenne"

Instruments: Jon plays drum kit, Tim plays bass and sings bvox, Andy plays guitar and sings bvox, and Pete plays guitar and sings lead vox.

Thanks for listening!


download: 2-24 ride.mp3