Here's another one from the Voyager 96: Ride session of February 1996, a little over 20 years ago. I chose this one for two reasons: (1) there's a vaguely environmental theme to the lyrics and Friday is Earth Day, and (2) the guitar riff is so dang cool. It came out of the smoldering improvisation that meandered from song to song throughout that session, the seventh song of eight on Saturday night. The chaos of "Bonbons in Flotsdam, Mississippi" was winding down and no one knew where we were headed next. I had my MXR Distortion+ pedal fuzzing out my guitar and pretty much stumbled on this riff, using a right-hand tap. Tim ends up echoing the riff with some similar tapping on the bass riff he eventually comes up with. It takes a little while to gel, but it's a wicked little groove.

Let's get back to the womb of the trees!

Instruments: Jon plays drum kit, Tim plays bass guitar, I play electric guitar, Tommy plays some percussion, and Pete sings.

Recording info: just two mics into a cassette deck, live. No overdubs or processing during digitization.

Thanks for listening!