Here's another catchy little instrumental tune from my album cymbal monkeys, an album where I explored the virtual instruments of Logic Pro and came to terms with synthetic music sources in a sometimes jarring and scattered clash of styles and feels. This was all done on August 14, 2007, with successive layers of drums (Ultrabeat), bass (EXS24 muted ebass), piano (EXS24 small grand), marimba (Sculpture), and wind chimes (EXS24). As usual, I tended towards the natural sounds, especially enjoying the marimba and wind chimes on this one.

I ended up creating three custom, 8-second-long ring tones for iPhones that Barbara and I still use sometimes, and which you're welcome to download here. After downloading, open iTunes and select the Tones view (ctrl-8 or cmd-8). Drag the three files into the iTunes window and sync with your iPhone. I haven't tried this myself, but to use these ringtones on an Android phone, you just need to change the file extension from .m4r to .m4a.

Thanks for listening!


download: trilobyte.mp3