Here's a really old one with a hint of spirituality for the holiday season.

From my 1985 album Umbrellas. I'm playing the gorgeous, cherry-sunburst Gibson Hummingbird 12-string guitar that belonged to my high-school girlfriend. Recorded in two passes with a mic capturing both vocals and guitar.




I don't know if I'd want to find fame
If everything could not be the same
With you
With you

It's a challenge
A risk I have to take
If life isn't daring adventure 
Then it becomes fake
We'll make it through the rain together
Just as long as we keep our faith
In each other, our lives, our dreams, and

All I need is a place in the trees
A simple farm like it used to be
Long ago
Long ago

This utopian vision is just that, I know
I'm not cold enough to turn the rain to snow
You know
You know

My parapluie could become a parasol
If we could just get on that road and go
For the gold
For the gold

We've been worshipping money since we were so small
And it's hard to live without although you know that it's not all that 
Life's about
Life's about	

music and lyrics by Andy Wyatt
December 16, 1983
©1983 The Andy Band

download: Umbrellas.mp3