This song was written in 1995 sitting by Beebe Lake in Ithaca, NY, during a lunch break. I was working at the time doing database and software development at Cornell Information Technologies. I was struggling with working 9-to-5 but feeling a burning desire to play music all day. That struggle has really been there since I started working a "real job" after graduating from Cornell in 1988, and continued in varying degrees since then. But having the technology these days to easily record my musical ideas, and getting out and playing at open mics in the last few years since moving to Vermont, has really helped.

The original recording of this song was featured on my 1995 album flipping bits. This is a re-recording done in 2007 with much-improved recording tools, on the album refresher. There are a dozen or so background vocal overdubs and it gets to sounding like I'm having a party with myself. And that right there is why I've always called my solo work The Andy Band.

I haven't attempted to play this live, yet. Too many vocal parts, too many guitar parts. But I dream about it sometimes.

All sounds by Andy Wyatt except drums by Jon Morse.

Thanks for listening!


go far

I want to go far
and see and do everything

I really want to change my self
I really want to change my work
I really want to change my town
I really want to change my world

there's just so much things to do now
there's just so much things need done
but I'm just sitting on the side of the lake now
too many battles still need won
but as I go through every day now
as I go through everything
I want to do good for my kids now
got to trust this golden ring

	oh baby, I love you
	oh baby, I wanna eat with you
	oh baby, I want you
	oh baby, I wanna live with you

feel it in a meditation
see it in a dream
there's a way to make a difference
without getting too extreme
people fishing people farming
there's just so much things need done
so let's go out and do our groove things
our lives have just begun

	oh baby, life eats life
	oh baby, life feeds life
	oh baby, life kills life
	oh baby, life makes life

November 10-13, 1992
©1992 Andy Wyatt