On this rainy day in Vermont, I'm remembering this old song from my band Everything But Anchovies. Tim wrote the words in late 1987 when most of the band was house sitting for my folks when they were on sabbatical in Thailand. I don't remember much at all about how the song came to be, but I have some memories of working through the different parts together. I remember feeling really proud of the confusion of musical styles that blended together: some cool jazzy chords in a blues progression with a reggae feel.

This recording is from the Full Moon Studio session of late April 1988 that ended up on the Brown Carpet & Full Moon album. We recorded a stereo mix of four mics on drums, bass, and electric guitar live to two tracks, then overdubbed acoustic guitar to a third track, and finally vocals to a fourth track.

Thanks for listening!


Rain Woman Falling

Rain woman falling
Tears flow by my feet
Pick me up and see my eye
See your current flowing by
Rain woman falling

Locomotive walking
Seeing without sound
Move your way on down the track
Wonder if you're coming back
Locomotive walking

Long distance thinking
Every time of day
See you in a thousand places
Many moods and many faces
Long distance thinking

Tim Odell -- late October 1987
©1988 by Everything But Anchovies