This is a song Tommy Whittle and I did on Presidents Day 2009 (Monday, February 16). I had the day off work, my wife didn't, so Tommy and I made an afternoon party in mangobananas studio, tracking three tunes. This was the third one. We'd been talking a lot about MySpace and Facebook and each of our attempts to promote our music on these exploding social sites. So we had this idea for the refrain of "got tagged in a photo on spacebook today", but for the verses I'd just read from my news feed.

I built up the backing tracks with an Apple drum loop, some piano-roll programmed drums on top of that, another layer of drum embellishments, plus a sampled piano part in the refrains. I added 5-string fretless acoustic bass guitar, and electric guitar (Strat). Tommy played some slide guitar on his acoustic. Then we did two passes of vocals, with a mic on each of us. This was mangobananas studio, Ithaca, NY.

This session, plus two others with Tommy from 2008 and 2009, are on The Andy Band album 2W. Tommy plays in the all-improv groups Killer Whirlpool and Killer Voyage with me.

Thanks for listening!


tagged in a photo

got tagged in a photo on spacebook today
got tagged in a photo on spacebook today
not long ago he was old and gray
got tagged in a photo on spacebook today

Peter Downes is making jambalaya
Scott Brim is done with home improvement until tomorrow
Andrea Cain is not cool enough for Guitar Center
David J Metevier is leaving for dinner with Mom shortly
Josie Cundy is thinking about visiting Vicki
thinking about going for a walk
thinking about going to pick up some more bullets

got tagged in a photo on spacebook today
everybody talking like anybody gives a shit today
my spacebook today
my spacebook today
what about MySpace 
got eighteen thousand hits

John Duncan is sick
Bil Bitz says the Wings will gobble up the Avalunch from Colorado
Jason Cain says someday everything's gonna be different 
when I paint my masterpiece, when I paint my masterpiece

got tagged in a photo on spacebook today
18 thousands hits on MySpace today
got 15 hundred hits on myspace today
only got eleven friends
who's been looking at me?

Bil Bitz is making crab legs
John Saylor is listening to Jeff Beck "Blow by Blow" before cooking dinner
Roy Wollen is drinking Miller High Life listening to Bruce's "Devils and Dust"
Bil Bitz is smiling and working

on my Facebook today
everybody's posting stuff about what they're doing today
everybody's on Facebook today
Tommy Whittle is mangobananas with Andy today

Anne Downes spent way too much time on Facebook yesterday
Russ Sternglass is a fishbowl man
Anne Downes is awaiting the arrival of her friend Sassy Cassie
Josie Cundy is eating lunch like chicken but flighty
is getting to know Pine Siskens
trying to work 

trying to work on MySpace
trying to get more hits
a thousand people in my space today
78 friends in Facebook today

I gotta check out the news feed
gotta know the twitting twitters of every friend's thought today
gotta get the live feed
gotta check out the camera uploaded photos of people cooking
look at their dinner
oh my oh good golly miss Molly
happy birthday!

John C Beck is pausing for claws
Rene Garrett is skim coating plaster walls
oh, check out somebody's bucket list
twenty CDs you wouldn't 
you wouldn't want to be without 
on a desert island

oh there's so much going on
on Facebook today
so much going on with all my friends
oh I gotta check it out again
gotta check it out

tag you Tommy
on Facebook today
tag you Tommy
on Facebook today
got tagged on Facebook today
good thing I can remove the tag
make it go away

catapulted to MySpace today
isn't it a funny world
that we twitter so much
and we care
that we think we care what anybody's doing today

got tagged in a photo on spacebook today
got tagged in a photo on space book today

©2009 by Andy Wyatt and Tommy Whittle (and Andy's Facebook friends)