Some recordings are the result of hours and hours of work, others are records of a spur of the moment outburst of improvisation. This is one of the latter. It has been a blast to occasionally try to recall some of the spirit of this original recording when playing this song live, sometimes asking for audience participation: "what's your favorite tool?".

But really, is there anything more satisfying?

Recording info: improvisation recorded live with one guitar, one voice, and two microphones into a cassette deck in mangobananas recording studio, Ithaca, NY, on 7 November 1994. On the album that's also called the right tool.

For my buddy Jon, who has made his living as a master of many tools. (Happy birthday!)


the right tool

nothing's better than having the right tool
like when I got the socket wrenches
or like the sculptor who's got all those little chisels
or the guy who's got the case of brushes
that lets him paint just so
there's nothing more satisfying
than having the right tool
the right tool
the right tool
there's nothing more satisfying

like when you got a crowbar 
and you're smashing down
an old sheetrock bathroom 
that's rotted away
and you swing that iron and you
smash everything
and you use that little hook in the end to
pull our all those nails 
it just feels so right to have the right tool baby

7 November 1994 (improvised as the tape rolled)
©1994 The Andy Band