My band Everything But Anchovies stopped rehearsing and gigging in late 1989, and we pretty much went our separate ways, with Jon and Tim joining a new band called the Naked Blues Band, and my diving more and more into fingerpicking acoustic guitar and alternate tunings and then building up a recording studio and doing a lot of one-man band multi-track recordings of songs I couldn't play in a trio. But, like I wrote last week, we were inspired by some reunions of our first band, Voyager, with our buddy Pete, who had honed a talent for improvising vocals and music, which eventually led to a weekly improv session with two other guys --a project we called Killer Whirlpool. But for the first three sessions, in 1995, it was just the three of us, and we put out the best of those sessions as EBA on an album called Spontaneous Combustion. This is one of my favorites from that album, with Tim's wicked funky bass line being the highlight.

Thanks for listening!


freestyle animal

think of all the fish in the sea 
there's so many colors and sizes 
think of all the fish in the sea 
it just makes my mind wonder 
think of all the things you could be 
think of all the faces 
think of all the sizes of people 
think of all the colors 

elephants in africa 
and the cheetahs running free
a toucan sitting in the tree with a gumball 

monkey see, monkey do 
everybody's got to live 
nobody wants to be in prison 
nobody wants to miss another sunset 

what did you say last night? 
something about this funny dream 
where everything changed into everything 
the lampshade and the jaguar in the garage 

what did you want to be as a kid? 
what did you want to be when you were a kid? 
everybody has a dream
everyone wants to live free 
like the animals 

13 September 1995
©1995 lyrics improvised by Andy Wyatt, music improvised by EBA