Like I explained last week, my band Everything But Anchovies stopped rehearsing and gigging in 1989, but we started getting together for all-improv sessions at Jon's house in 1995. After three of those with just Jon, Tim, and me, we invited Tommy and PeBo to join us for what became weekly jams, a project we called Killer Whirlpool. We taped it every week with two mics into a cassette deck, and captured about 40 sessions between 1996 and 1999.

PeBo is playing guitar, the funky little licks more off to the right; I'm playing the chords. Tommy's playing some great blues harp. Tim and Jon get a really cool groove going. And I made up some pretty good rhymes on the spot. We do some interesting wandering around near the end, then you can hear me jumping up and down at the very end, making the springs of my Twin Reverb's reverb chamber rattle.

This is on the Killer Whirlpool album: high dive, improvised as the tape rolled on September 24, 1996.

Thanks for listening!


fire, what is it?

what is it?
what do you think it is?
what do you think it is?
some burning stuff
changing wood into carbon
wax into flame
some kind of plasma
what is its name?

it's really beautiful
takes on a life of its own
when you fill it up
try to put it out
when it gets so big
it wants to eat your house

in the sky
got some control 
with fireworks
launch them up in the air
make them spray in many colors
ooh yeah!
ooh look at that!
check 'em out
check it out
check it out
the bonfires

burning the fires, yeah
the fire still burns
the fire still burns, yeah

lyrics improvised by Andy Wyatt
music improvised by Killer Whirlpool
24 September 1996

©1996 by Killer Whirlpool