This is an improvised song, just me and my guitar. Sounds like it was recorded in the bathroom in our old house on East Miller Road, in Danby, just south of Ithaca, NY. I sometimes recorded in that bathroom because it had a lot of tile and so was really bright and reflective. I'd usually stick one mic close to the guitar and another in the shower. Appears on my all-improv album liquid planet. Recorded with two mics into a cassette tape deck.

The past year or so I've been in this groove (some might say a rut) where I play in open G a lot, and if not open G then open G minor. This song was made up almost 20 years ago now, and it's in open G minor: D-G-D-G-Bb-D low to high. Another tune to accompany me and my dog and my guitar in the woods! I often encourage other guitarists to try out alternate tunings, and have a page of my favorite alternate tunings. It can get you out of your ruts and into some grooves!

I'll let the improvised lyrics speak for themselves. I'm really feeling it right now on vacation for my fiftieth birthday in Bermuda with the love of my life, Barbara.

Thanks for listening!


Andy and Barbara cell phone selfie from Bermuda, July 17, 2015
lovin' life

the wind is pouring down from the north
the clouds are coming down
pouring through the skies tonight

fall is coming

and we slept real well last night
cause it finally felt cold
cuddled under the blankets
I just love getting old
with you, my love
getting old with you, love

love and life
making it up as we go along
lovin' life
pretty much everything can go wrong
lovin' life
there's maximum possibilities for happiness
lovin' life
you gotta get into it man

oh, growing old with you
oh, growing old with you

Improvised as the tape rolled on August 7, 1995.
©1995 by Andy Wyatt

download: lovin life.mp3