I'm getting so excited for the next Killer Voyage session, coming up August 13-15 back in Ithaca. Tim and his wife have lived in England the past 10 years, and are coming to America for a 2-week visit, arriving in Toronto airport today. Jon's picking them up, and they'll be visiting his wife's family during this first week. Tim's actually planning to drive to visit me in Vermont on Wednesday so he can play at the Skunk Hollow Tavern open mic with me. I'm really psyched about that! Then the following week I'll drive over to Ithaca on Thursday morning, swinging by Syracuse to pick up Pete, who'll be arriving on the Amtrak train around 11:15 AM. I'm beyond stoked for the session we'll have at Jon's house!!

This song is a tune from the Clandestine Little Monsters session of early September 2003. We had four nights in Tommy's jamming space in T-burg. This song went down on the second night of recording, Sunday the 7th, when Tommy couldn't make it. So, we've got Pete on vocals, PeBo on rhythm guitar (the acoustic sound from his Parker Fly), me on lead guitar (to the right), Tim on bass, and Jon on drum kit. Pete also plays congas a bit during a my guitar solos. Recorded by Pete with a mobile Bigger Than Huge rig: his Mackie 1604 board and two ADAT decks. Mixed and produced by Pete back in the studio in Chicago.

There's a small photo album from this session. I made the collage above in PhotoShop for the album cover.

Thanks for listening!


One Day

we don't often
see the future clear
we don't often know
which one day will be here
we don't know
what tomorrow brings
but we do know
that one day brings

one day, one day, one day!

well I was
just yesterday sitting on a boat
it felt real nice, to think that
dude, not believing that it might have even been possible
I know that
dreams can come true
it's happened for me, baby
and I'm sure that it will happen for you

one day, one day, one day, it will all come true!
one day, one day, it will all come true!

and if I don't remember
the things that I wanted so long ago
it won't matter
it won't matter
because I'm waiting for
not Monday
not waiting for Tuesday
I'm waiting for one day

one day, one day, one day!
one day, one day, one day, I'll be waiting!

lyrics improvised by Pete Downes
music improvised by Killer Voyage
©2003 by Killer Voyage