Here's another rough mix from last month's incredible Amphibious Dude Palace session. This was well into our first night of jamming, and started with Pete picking the title phrase from our clipboard of song ideas that we'd been maintaining since we started setting up. We'd just finished a streak of upbeat songs --"move the air", "plug that sucker in", "ode to cowbell", and "dudio"-- and I suggested it was time for a mellow one. I started playing this slow, bluesy Bm/A/E/E part and Tim shouted out "let's do D/E/G for the B-part". Then I hit record, Pete counted us in, and we just took off.

I really love the interplay of PeBo's and my guitars --I'm panned to the left and he's panned to the right. And Tommy's blues harp is stellar, with his cool new delay pedal and his soulful wailing. Then the song just builds up and builds up and suddenly we're falling into 4-part harmonies out of nowhere. The intense crescendo, driven masterfully by Jon's drumming, crashes back down and Pete hits some insane low note... I love it!

Thanks for listening!