This was written in early October 1987, just a few weeks after Barbara and I started seeing each other. My band EBA played it really well, and it was musically challenging and interesting because of the way it shifts from 4/4 to 3/4 in the chorus while Jon keeps steady 16th notes on the hi-hat. Unfortunately, there are no studio recordings of it made by EBA --just some live gig tapes I haven't digitized. The original recording was a one-man-overdubbing-band version done in Warren Road Studio soon after writing it, which you can compare here. This recording was done in 2005 for my album refresher, which is entirely re-recordings of favorite older songs. I started with programming sampled drums in Logic's UltraBeat, learning how to insert time signature changes and trying to copy the way Jon always played it. Then I added acoustic guitar, bass, two electric guitar tracks, vocals, and backing vocals. I intended to get Jon to replace the sampled drums with real drums like he did for a lot of the songs on 'refresher' but we never got to this one.

Barbara's and my 25th wedding anniversary is coming up December 1st. The fire still burns.

Thanks for listening!



I see your face
on the walls
calling me out
night ink falls

    I saw a spark in your eyes
    set me on fire
    see the moon on the rise
    sets me on fire

where are you now
in this heat
lonely starfield

    I saw a star in the sky
    set me on fire
    I saw a spark in your eyes
    set me on fire

in the moonshine
by the water
we've arrived

    we touch a dream realized
    we are on fire
    look up at the sky!   tantalizing
    we are on fire

©1987 by Andy Wyatt
words and music by Andy Wyatt on 8 October 1987
additional music credit to EBA, and the Beatles 
for the "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" quote near the end