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This CD includes two recording sessions: a 1981 recording done in Jon's basement with two mics to cassette and vocals overdubbed with Y-cords, and a 1983 recording done at Moonfish Recording Studio, the first (and only?) venture into a professional studio.

Jon: drums; Tim: bass, b-vox; Andy: vocals, guitars, piano
Everything But Anchovies
Jon Morse - drums
Tim Odell - bass, vocals
Andy Wyatt - vocals, guitars

Years of Activity:

Started as Voyager in 1979. Briefly included Pete Downes as rhythm guitarist. Changed name to The Raid in 1981, and to Everything But Anchovies in 1986. Played about 85 gigs around Ithaca, NY and a few nearby towns between 1980-1989. Most were at The Nines (16), second-most at Oliver's (11), third-most at the Hidden Valley 4H camp (11), and fourth-most at T.J. Tuesday's (8). After the last gig, a live TV broadcast in November 1989, we didn't play again until 1991, when we got together for a reunion jam at Andy's new house (see Spreading More Jam). We did likewise at Jon's new house in 1993 for the first Voyager reunion, then in 1995 we started getting together for EBA improv sessions. This evolved into Killer Whirlpool by 1996.