Freebus visited Ithaca in mid-March 1993, during massive blizzard that dumped as much as 5 feet of snow. That trapped Andy at home, while Freebus was staying with Jon and Tim (who lived together at the time). This recording is after Andy dug out and made it over.

This is the first major Voyager reunion since Freebus left town in 1980. Freebus leads the sessions with his insane improvised songs.

This was recorded with Tim's boom box.
1990s improv reunions
Pete Downes - vocals, guitars
Jon Morse - drums
Tim Odell - bass, vocals
Andy Wyatt - guitar, vocals

Years of Activity:

This started with a huge blizzard at the first recorded reunion of Voyager. Pete had moved to Lansing, Michigan in 1980, and in March 1993 he came back to Ithaca and had an epic jam in an unbelievable blizzard that dumped 5 feet of snow on Ithaca. Pete blew us away with his vocal improvisation and rock improv musical spark. EBA had always started rehearsals with an improv that occasionally included a vocal melody, but Pete took it to another level. This inspired some EBA improv sessions then Killer Whirlpool and Killer Voyage as we added more players.