This was the second song I wrote, about 8 months after getting my first guitar, on 25 March 1979 --just over 38 years ago! I wrote it in March, but it wasn't until July that I brought it to the band and we worked out parts for everyone. We also decided it needed a third verse, so Tim wrote one.

This was the favorite Voyager song of Pete's brother Fred. He used to help out during practices by manning the reverb knob on my amp. He'd crank it to 10 for the intro. I'm sure he manned the reverb knob for this recording from the eponymous Voyager album, too.

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Here are some old scans of photocopied black and white photos from a poster we made in the summer of 1980 with pictures from our gig in June 1980 (with Pete!) at the Junior Deputy Camp at Camp Barton, near Ithaca, NY (where we all grew up):

And, below the lyrics you'll find the guitar tablature I wrote out back in 1979.

Thanks for listening!


She's An Angel

She's an angel
That's no lie
She's got golden hair
And deep blue eyes
Hair of the sun
Eyes of the skies
She's an angel 
In my eyes

She's an angel
That's no lie
Cos only heaven makes beauty 
The gift of the skies
Heavenly beauty
Inside and out
She's an angel 
Without a doubt

Touch so soft
Feels so fine
I'm so glad that she is mine
With her hair that's golden 
Like the morning sun 
She's my angel
The only one

i and ii by Andy Wyatt 25 March 1979 
iii by Tim Odell 3 July 1979
©1979 by Voyager